On Adoption

My wife and I finalized adoption of our two kids a few months ago. And it’s amazing how much the stories of other families who’ve gone through the adoption process resonate a lot of the same things. This article by Russell Moore (forwarded to me by my buddy Marshall – thanks man), was a great encouragement this week. My wife and I devour stuff like this nowadays.

Moore says, and my wife and I can joyfully concur,

“God used this experience [of adoption] to upend my whole life. He taught me much about his Fatherhood, much about the gospel, much about community, and much about the mission of the church.”

On Adoption

I love hearing Christian adoptive parents talk, who understand the connection between the theology of adoption, and real-life adoption of children. My wife showed me this video when I got home today, and it worked me over emotionally. Not because of the couple, or because of the cute Haitian boy that’s becoming their son, but first and foremost because of the glorious God who is all about adoption.

In real-life adoption we get to see God’s adopting of His children displayed in real, tangible circumstances. Ephesians 1 says that God “chose us in [Christ] before the foundation of the world”…and “in love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will.” God illustrates this for us in real-life adoption.

Watch the video below about the Stewarts, and listen to how the couple talks about their adoption, once they came to grips with how the Gospel should be shaping the whole thing.

The Stewarts from Together for Adoption on Vimeo.

Here are some examples of Gospel language from the video:

I was looking for an emotional response from a child. I was looking for a child, even though they didn’t know me and didn’t know what they needed, to somehow respond to me and tell me they wanted me as their mom…and I would say “yes” to them. That’s really what I was looking for. But as we said that out loud, immediately the Lord brought His Word to us. The first verse that came to..my mind was, “while you were dead inĀ  your sins, Christ died for you.” And then we just began to process that.

We realized that…according to Ephesians 1, the Gospel is that God predestined us before the foundation of the world, to be adopted as His sons and daughters. And so, that was a real “aha” moment for us that morning. And really, the scales kind of fell off of our eyes…and after processing through the Gospel and talking about it, we just said “Kelley is our son.”

It was in that moment that him being in an orphanage no longer was right; him being apart from us was not right, and we had to go see him. And were going to tell him he was our son. And we were going to do everything as fast as we could and as strong as we could to begin the process of the paperwork and everything..whatever had to happen to get him home.

We went to the orphanage that day with completely different eyes; we all went downstairs, down to the toddler room…I saw Kelley across the room; he wasn’t in the pack of kids that were playing in the middle of the room…he was on the far side of the room, just hanging on the last bunk bed by himself. And I saw him across the room, and I just made a B-line for him…I don’t think I actually hit or kicked any kids in the process…but it felt like, “Okay, I’m going to go get my son. Move out of the way – I’m going after my son.”

And this is what God is like with His adopted children. He goes after us in our sin, as fast and as strong as He can. The proof: He didn’t even spare his only begotten Son to settle our redemption and bring us to Himself.