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Josh Starkey is the corporate worship director at Grace Brethren Church, in Simi Valley, CA. This blog is a journal among other things, for important things read, things written, and other miscellaneous thoughts about life and culture. Most significantly, this blog is a place where the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ is the central theme. Enjoy the read.


The title “Borrowed Words” was inspired by the song “Mockingbird” by Derek Webb. As a disclaimer, I don’t necessarily agree with some of the views expressed in Webb’s recent work. Nonetheless, my wife and I have been big fans for a while now. We saw Webb in concert at The Master’s College some years ago, and he explained his song, “Mockingbird.” The song opens the album by the same name, and says, “I am like a mockingbird: I’ve got no new song to sing/I am like an amplifier: I just tell you what I’ve heard.”

This idea embodies how I think about my blog, and was what I wanted the title to communicate. Basically, all of our ideas come as revelation. As human beings, we don’t come up with anything that’s really “original,” we just think thoughts after God. He is the originator, and the source. We’re like mockingbirds, never actually saying anything new. Whether our thoughts and ideas align with God’s redemptive purposes and lead people to truth, or our ideas oppose themselves to God, we are thinking and acting upon things that already have their form and existence in the person of God, Who “gives to all mankind life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25).

And in case you were wondering, I still consider myself a Derek Webb fan.

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