Leland Ryken’s Christian Guides To The Classics

I haven’t personally read any of these yet, but Crossway is an excellent publisher, and Leland Ryken is an exceptionally good and trustworthy scholar, author, and thinker. These look to be a very cool resource if you’re lookin’ to study some of the classics, and really dig in with your Christian worldview right in the fray with you.

I do have to say, I’ve read Ryken’s The Liberated Imagination, which is a philosophy of the arts and art appreciation. It’s excellent. Ryken will take you into a work of art with great love and admiration for both the work and the artist, while really examining everything with born-again eyes, and a baptized imagination. I’m sure his Christian Guides To The Classics will be very worthy companions to some great books (I’m personally thinking about buying the one on Paradise Lost!).

If you do pick one of these up, let me know how it is would you?

An Introduction to Leland Ryken’s Christian Guides to the Classics from Crossway on Vimeo.


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