Articles That Helped Me This Past Week

I don’t write this kind of post all that often, but this was a crazy week and I’ve been helped immensely by the writing of others – here are a few articles and blog posts that came as messages of grace and truth this past week. Hope you get a chance to check em’ out.

1. “A Day for Hatred”

Jen Wilkin, from The Village Church in Texas, wrote a very timely and hopeful post, shortly after the disaster in Newtown, CT. This was one of the better posts I read in response to the subject, and it genuinely ministered to me processing through the last couple days as a Christian, husband, and dad. There was a lot of blogging on the subject – this and the following link were really the best couple responses to the whole thing.

2. “School Shootings and Spiritual Warfare”

This piece by Russell Moore was the other very, very good piece responding to the Newtown shooting. Moore addresses the “something especially condemnable about the murder of children,” and that what we experienced this past week was absolutely a huge part of the grand story of Redemption God is telling.

3. “A Salute to the Average Worship Leader”

Excuse my vulnerability: Bob Kauflin, as he has also done many times before, encouraged me in this much-needed post a couple days ago. As a church music leader, I go through the obligatory highs and lows of a job that’s so often a subject of criticism, and I navigate it as best I can, with the Holy Spirit’s help. It was great to read an encouragement toward faithfulness over flashiness, humility over hype and production in our church music. In the midst of a crazy, rough week for all of us, this was a great reminder to continue pursuing the Gospel in our personal lives, and in our church families as we gather week-to-week. This post absolutely affected my heart as I prepared to sing with our church this morning. Read this for a reminder of how to think about, and engage with your church gatherings; and if you’re a music leader in a church, read it for an encouragement about what God is really looking for in someone filling that role in His family.

4. “The Writing Pastor: An Essay On Spiritual Formation”

A Themelios essay, by Peter R. Schemm Jr. A longer essay, but super rich. Here’s a quote from the piece: “What the church needs today is deeply spiritual leaders. And a writing pastor is most often a deeper man than he would be otherwise. So whether in notes, letters, journal entries, articles, blogs, or sermon manuscripts, a pastor can practice deepening his own mind and soul through writing. This will, in time, deepen the souls of those to whom he ministers.”


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