Thomas Cranmer’s Scripture-Centered Corporate Worship

Today is the 546 year anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer, a saint burned at the stake in Oxford England. You can read a great article about him over at The Gospel Coalition here.

I’ve read about him in a few different places, and to commemorate the day, here’s a quote by Mark Ashton,  about Cranmer’s faithful, Scripture-centered ministry:

“[Cranmer] put the Bible at the center of church services in order to change lives. It is the task for latter-day Anglicans [and all Christian pastors] to follow in the footsteps of Cranmer by creating church services that reach out to our contemporaries as effectively as his services did.”

And how do we reach out to our contemporaries? Not by being flashy personalities, by adapting the hottest new technology in our church services, or by being tolerant of sin. We reach out to our contemporary culture by “putting the Bible at the center of church services.” We stay committed to being people of the Word, because only the Word of God will change us and others.


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