Music Is Worth The Effort

Follow this link to The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer, on Google Books, and read chapter 3 on “Music.”  If you’re interested in music at all, read this chapter; especially read it if you’re a Christian who cares about music and art. It’s one of the most simple, and inspiring arguments I’ve ever read for making music in our homes, and with our friends.

The spontaneous outflow of creativity and community when a group of people get together to play music is invaluable. And music is worth a lot of effort, even if one never becomes a “professional” musician. God made music to be a source of beauty and joy in our lives, not just a functional career pursuit. And we probably need to fight to make music a real part of our lives than ever before in history.

I won’t quote from the chapter. I think it might be best when read as a whole.


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