Book Review: “Engaging with God” by David Peterson

David Peterson, Engaging with God. IVP Academic, 2002. 317 pages.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read, though it was slow-going in a few places. I was going to rate it 4 stars (on goodreads), but then changed it to a hearty 5 as I reflected on the impact this book made on me.

For today’s church music leader or “worship leader” the battle to know what one’s job is, and how to do it is uphill to be sure. Erroneous thinking about biblical “worship” abounds in the Western church today, and this book does a thorough clearing-up of the matter. This should be a formative read for church “worship leaders” and pastors as well, who care about their church’s corporate worship gatherings actually being of real benefit to their congregations.

I wished that the book went even more into corporate gatherings in the church; but the book did a good job throughout of developing how principles of “worship” in the Old and New Testaments should affect why and how we gather as Christians for the purpose of worship. I was, and continue to be seriously affected by Peterson’s in-depth look at the book of Hebrews as a theology of worship, and how our understanding of Christ forms how we approach God in corporate worship, and in the everyday offering of worship with our lives. The insights into Hebrews were the highlights of the book for me.

This is a book to set a church music or “worship” leader on the right track, or affirm them if they’re already fighting for the right things.

Stay on the lookout for quotes from this book, which I’m sure will appear on the blog from time to time.


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