Bifrost Arts

I’ve really, truly been enjoying the music of Bifrost Arts lately. More to come on them at a later date. But for now, here are a couple of my favorite tunes, and a quote by one of Bifrost’s founders, Isaac Wardell. He says,

“We created Bifrost Arts to enrich the Church and engage the world with beauty and truth through music beautiful enough that non-Christians are attracted to it,” said Wardell. The name of the organization comes from Norse pagan mythology, meaning “a bridge connecting heaven and earth.”

“Bifrost wants to be that bridge,” says Wardell. “Bach said that music is the only art of heaven given to man, and the only art of earth taken to heaven. Singing together is one thing we know we’ll all be doing together forever” (taken from a profile on the group in byFaith Magazine).

Go here for another good post by Justin Taylor, where he pulls together a few different comments on Bifrost’s music. Really, really good stuff. Again, more later.

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