Book Review: “Uneclipsing the Son” by Rick Holland

Uneclipsing the Son by Kress Biblical Resources, 2011.

Rick Holland’s book is fairly short, but contains much treasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, though it was punch-you-in-the-gut convicting at many points. But, though conviction is often painful, it’s really, really good for us.

We live in a time when there might be more opportunities than ever to let Jesus become “eclipsed” in our lives, as Holland puts it. His book brings an aggressive, purposeful reminder that Jesus is infinitely valuable and worthy of our fullest affection. Holland says, “To those who believe, Jesus is precious” (36), and “If there’s anything in your faith that isn’t anchored in the person of Jesus, you’re living in an eclipse” (41).

In John 17:3, Jesus defines eternal life in “the only place in the Bible where Jesus refers to Himself in the third person. That’s how important it is” (Holland, 33). Jesus says in verse 3, “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” Holland comments that, “Being loved by and loving Jesus is eternal life.” And this is the aim over and over again in Holland’s book – to refresh believers with the abundant life that Jesus offers in-full to those who believe.

A surprise came at chapter 9, “The Lost Supper.” I honestly didn’t expect this chapter to appear in the mix, but when all was said and done it stood out as the central chapter for sheer applicability. Holland reminds the Christian of the high importance of Communion, or participation in the Lord’s Supper. He says, “Communion is the perfect place to uneclipse the Son in your life, expelling the distractions, eradicating obstacles that cloak His glory … God understands we forget [the glories of Jesus and the Gospel]. That’s why He put Communion in our path” (112, 115). I don’t want to give away too much of chapter 9 here, but hopefully that’s enough to whet your whistle.

A very important book, worth multiple readings.


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