10 Years Since 9/11

DISCLAIMER: This post is really more for me than for the blogosphere. I’ve never really written much about 9/11, and call me sentimental but the 10 year anniversary has gotten me choked up. This post, then, is really just a personal reflection, or journal entry of a sort. Everybody’s talking about 9/11 on Twitter, Facebook, their sundry blogs. If this post will just be part of a 9/11 anniversary overload for you, then skip it. Don’t read it. I won’t mind.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of memories right now. Though, if you do want to talk about that, I’m up for the conversation, and I have plenty of memories.

But if I have any clarity reflecting on 9/11 ten years later, it’s this: that the world has fallen into sin, but God is the great redeemer and King who will put the world right. God has crushed His Son for the payment of sin, for all who would come to Him through faith in Christ. Evil proceeds from the hearts of men; but God is the Savior, the ransom given for the many who would trust in the name of Jesus.

Doug Wilson said in a recent interview that “a line of thought since 9/11 has brought me, by degrees, to champion something called mere Christendom. This is, I am convinced, the only genuine alternative to secular American exceptionalism on the one hand, and radical Islam on the other” (emphasis added).

“Mere Christendom” is what we need – reflecting on the last 10 years, may we take the opportunity now to repent, or continue repenting of our sin, and draw near to Jesus. Even as we lament our profoundly fallen condition, Christ remains a strong Savior, and a sure Rock of refuge. Our hope is fixed in Christ, and may we stand in joyous awe of the God who has graciously given so great a salvation to evil people like us.


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